Records and CD Listing

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Promos produced for Cocteau Twins

Title Category 4AD Cat Nos
Dials CD Sampler CT1 CD
Cocteau Twins Sampler CD Album DPRO-79065
Heaven or Las Vegas CD Single
Lullabies to Violane CD Album
4AD Catalogue Sampler Cassette 4XPRO-79901
Cocteau Twins Sampler 12" SPRO-79066/79067
Carolyn's Fingers CD Sampler DPRO-79405
Carolyn's Fingers 7" 7PRO-79477
Carolyn's Fingers 12" SPRO-79406/79406
Heaven or Las Vegas CD Single DPRO-79291A
Heaven or Las Vegas 12" SPRO-79415/79427
I Wear Your Ring CD Single DPRO-79498
I Wear Your Ring 12" DPRO-79498
Sugar Hiccup 7" AD314
Lullabies To Violaine CD Sampler
Stars and Topsoil CD Album
Iceblink Luck CD Single DPRO79686
Collector Disc Q104 CD Album DPRO-79534
Collector Disc 104 KRBE CD Album DPRO-79354
Lullabies to Violaine CD-R Single