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Promos produced for Dead Can Dance

Title Category 4AD Cat Nos
Dead Can Dance Sampler CD Album
Dead Can Dance sampler CD Sampler DCD8198CD
The Host of the Seraphim CD Single DCD 1
Dead Can Dance CD Album PRO-CD-6805
American Dreaming CD Single PRO-CD-7213
Nierika 12" DCD 2
Sambatiki CD Single DCD 4
Into The Labyrinth CD Album 45384
Spiritchaser CD Album CAD 6008 CD p
The Carnival Is Over CD Single PRO-CD-6700
American Dreaming CD Single
Spiritchaser Preview Cassette
A Sampler Cassette PROC8394
Deluxe Box Set Box Set PRO-CD-6822
Momento CD-R Single
Spiritchaser CD Album 2/4-46230
The Snake And The Moon CD Single VISA 3774
The Snake and The Moon CD Single 170.1111.24
The Snake And The Moon CD Single PRO-CD-8306-R
The Ubiquitous Mr Lovegrove CD Single PROCD6523