Records and CD Listing

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Promos produced for Pixies

Title Category 4AD Cat Nos
Doolittle 12" PIXONE
Here Comes Your Man 12" PIX 2
Bossanova 12" PIX 3
Trompe Le Monde 10" PIX 4
Rare Pixies CD Album VISA 3680
Selections from DTTP CD Sampler PIX 5
Best of Pixies wave of mutilation CD Sampler PIX2004CD
Pixies live in Chicago 12" PR-8127
Letter to Memphis CD Single PRCD 8441-2
Monkey Gone To Heaven CD Single PR 8073-2
Complete B Sides CD-R Album GAD2103CD
PIX 6 Sampler 12" PIX 6
Planet of Sound 12" BAD 1008
Debaser Cassette
Death To The Pixies CD Album
Pixies at the BBC Cassette
Pixies Live CD Album SA 2113
Here Comes Your Man 12" ED 5386
Selections from Doolittle Cassette PROC 37
Bossanova LP RTD 120.1175.1